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2017 Keynote Speakers

Americus ReedIdentity Loyalty: The Key to Unlocking Your Brand

Dr. Americus Reed, II, Professor of Marketing, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania & Co-Founder, Persona Partners LLC

A brand is a meanings system that can deeply connect to someone based on who they believe they are or want to be. When brands connect with people in this way, it can create a curious situation where the person and the brand become one. That is, the person internalizes the brand as part of who they are. Identity loyalty is the result of this. Imagine transforming the way you think about your activities as an admission professional -- from busy administrator to your institution's strategic brand visionary.

Bertice BerryPurpose Begins with You

Bertice Berry, Ph.D., Sociologist and Author

"When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny.” Sociologist, best-selling author, and lecturer Bertice Berry believes that her own life's work was put in place because of an educator who believed in her and an admission professional who thought outside the box. Berry illustrates the importance of admission professionals in helping students and potential graduates realize their life purpose. By identifying the right students for the right programs and schools, admission professionals are not only giving opportunities to students, they are helping to shape the workforce, culture, and landscape of the future.