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2018 Keynote Speakers

Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten, Disruptive and UN-traditional Sales, Marketing, Branding & Relationship Expert

Generation Everyone: How to Connect with All Generations in the Work/Marketplace and Lead Without Labels

Millennials, am I right?!? It seems that this generation is the hardest to understand and work with. But is it really true, or are we doing what we’ve always done with the younger generation?

In this dynamic keynote, Scott Stratten, bestselling author of Unbranding, Unmarketing, and Unselling, will help us learn why we view millennials the way we do, and how to shift it; how to lead this generation and others in the work and marketplace; and how to harness the strengths of all generations. 

Ritu Bhasin

Ritu Bhasin, President, bhasin consulting inc.

The Three Selves: A New Framework for Being Authentic in How You Live, Work, and Lead

In order to build more empowered, inclusive, and innovative environments, we often encourage our teams and leaders to bring their “whole selves” to work. We know that this is important, because research points to authenticity as a critical component of engagement and well-being in the workplace. But how can we reconcile the message to “be yourself” with the simultaneous message to adhere to workplace culture? How can we bring more of our authentic selves, including our differences, to work, without compromising our ability to succeed?

In this fascinating keynote, Bhasin introduces an innovative new framework called the Three Selves, which provides a methodology for choosing how and when to be your authentic self at work while achieving the success and belonging you need to feel engaged, purposeful, and empowered at work.