Admission Leaders & Diversity Practitioners: A Partnership

Rodney Glasgow, Rohan Arjun, Lorraine Martinez Hanley & Lisa Shambaugh
Tune in for a discussion about how admission leaders and diversity practitioners can more effectively partner to create diverse and inclusive school communities.
AC20 Keynote Address: Heather Hoerle & Ozan Varol

Heather Hoerle, Ozan Varol

47 min

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for School Leaders

Dr. Derrick Gay

63 min

EMA AC 20 Live Session with Dr. Derrick Gay on DEI for School Leaders kicks off our live sessions in July.

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Event Center Tour

Hans Mundahl

3 min

Welcome to the Event Center! In this short video we'll give you a tour to help you find your way around!

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