Reimagine Week Information

I forgot my username or password.
I missed a live session, will it be recorded?
What do I do if a live session is full?
What are the community guidelines for the conference?
I'm having trouble with the livestream.
What if I need support during Reimagine Week?
Can I get a custom Zoom Background for the conference?

Event Information

What is EMA AC 2020?
What do I get when I register?
How do I take the reimagine enrollment course?
Is it taking place in Chicago?
Why should I attend?
What are the dates?
Who do I contact with questions?

Registration Information

Can I still add more people from my school?
How do I get my receipt?
Cancellation Policy
How long will I have access to the content from EMA AC20?
When can I register for the annual conference ?
Can I really register my whole team?
Can I get a discount if I don't have a whole team?
Can I bring someone from another school ?
When does early bird pricing end?
When does the annual conference start?
I had my breakout session accepted for the annual conference, what will be different now that we're online?
I'm a sponsor, how can I support the AC2020?