Each year at the Annual Meeting, outstanding admission professionals are recognized by the organization for their leadership, commitment and contributions. The winners of the Bretnall, Gourley and Hull Maynard Presidential awards are listed chronologically.

William B. Bretnall Award

The Bretnall Award, named for distinguished educator and first association program director William Bretnall, is given each year to a leader and educator who has made significant contributions to the field of admission.

1982 John Eidam
1983 Sanford Roeser
1984 Joshua L. Miner
1985 John C. Boyden
1986 Paul Sanderson
1987 John Q.A. Doolittle
1988 Georgia K. Irvin
1989 Thomas E. Wilcox
1990 John C. Esty
1991 Wanda C. Hill
1992 William Oates
1993 Fontaine Y. Draper
1994 Frederick H. Wandelt, III
1995 Donald Saluta
1996 Maud Chang
1997 Frank Stephenson
1998 Judith S. Beams
1999 Mary Louise Leipheimer
2000 Don Smith
2002 Lanier Watson
2003 Neville Lake
2004 Stephen Blanchard
2005 Faith Howland
2006 Rochelle M. Dorfler
2007 Steve Ruzicka
2008 A. Randol “Randie” Benedict
2009 Francis M. Ryan
2010 Tom Sheppard
2011 Christine H. Baker
2012 Lynne Palmer
2013 Diane Dunning
2014 Ray Diffley
2015 Tommy Adams
2016 Peter Gilbert
2017 MacGregor Robinson (1964-2017)
2018 Dennis Facciolo

Everett E. Gourley Award

The Gourley Award, named for former Director of Admission and Assistant Headmaster of the Asheville School Everett Gourley, is given each year to the educator whose interest in students and concern for colleagues is an inspiration to those who serve in admission.

1991 Everett E. Gourley
1992 Charles W. Sikoryak
1993 Allan and Janet Hilton
1994 Eleanor Macneale Elkinton
1995 John Harrington
1996 Virginia M. DeVeer
1997 Barbara Priscus
1998 Steven C. White
1999 Robert G. Bullard, Jr.
2000 Paul R. Mahoney
2002 Monique DeVane
2003 Ronald Sobel
2004 Lilia N. Carey
2005 Mary Will Thomas
2006 Leo G. Marshall
2007 Catherine Washburn
2008 Claude Anderson
2009 Melanie Williams
2010 Peter Bordonaro
2011 Marjorie Mitchell
2012 Sandra Timmons
2013 Christopher R. Tompkins
2014 Betsy Hata
2015 Reveta Bowers
2016 Kathy Mitchell O'Neal
2017 Camille Bertram
2018 David Baker

Hull Maynard Presidential Award

The Hull Maynard Presidential Award is given, when warranted, in recognition of a professional who has given extraordinarily to the Association. Hull Maynard was the Director of Admission at Loomis School in Connecticut. In the 1950s, he was one of the founding fathers and first Executive Secretary of this fledgling organization.

1997 Gardner Dunnan
1999 Alice Jackson
2003 Edward Young
2009 Thomas Southworth