August Update

Peter Baron
Hear from Peter Baron as he offers an update on the learning so far and what you have to look forward to coming up!
Let's Reimagine Enrollment: Hear from Heather Hoerle

Heather Hoerle

2 min

We believe independent school enrollment will look fundamentally different going forward. We're bringing together enrollment leaders to leverage the best data, the most effective practices and innovative ideas, and to chart a path forward toward an audacious goal — reimagining enrollment.

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AC20 Keynote Address: Heather Hoerle & Ozan Varol

Heather Hoerle, Ozan Varol

47 min

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This is Our Moon Shot Moment


1 min

We face uncertain times. We could step back, but we choose to move forward together. We’ll face the future boldly with the best information, team & community. Let’s reimagine enrollment together!

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