AC20 Keynote Address: Heather Hoerle & Ozan Varol

Heather Hoerle, Ozan Varol
Let's Reimagine Enrollment: Hear from Heather Hoerle

Heather Hoerle

2 min

We believe independent school enrollment will look fundamentally different going forward. We're bringing together enrollment leaders to leverage the best data, the most effective practices and innovative ideas, and to chart a path forward toward an audacious goal — reimagining enrollment.

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Developing Antiracist Practices in Independent Schools

Dr. Derrick Gay

42 min

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Welcome to the AC2020 Event Center

Peter Baron

3 min

Hear from Peter Baron, Chief Member Relations Officer as he gives you a guided tour of the Event Center and previews all the great content available to you over the next three months.

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