The EMA Annual Conference draws over 1,000 people each year and is focused solely on the information and resource needs of K-12 independent/private school admission professionals and other key constituents with an important stake in the enrollment process.

The Organization

The Enrollment Management Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing and adding value to the K-12 private school admission process for schools, students, and families. It was founded in 1957 by high school admission officers to provide a forum to discuss and act on issues of mutual concern. To this day, the support of enrollment management professionals remains the cornerstone of our activities across the globe. As the premier professional development provider to the K-12 independent school enrollment management community, we offer a range of development opportunities for professionals in all career stages, as well as the industry's largest annual conference. The Enrollment Management Association is governed by leaders in the K-12 independent school community who maintain the organization’s deep commitment to, and vocal advocacy for, the critical role of enrollment and enrollment professionals in schools.