Dear Colleagues,

Great enrollment leaders deserve great professional learning opportunities.

The best industry conferences combine peer interaction and actionable information with big-picture insights across many disciplines—reaching enrollment professionals at every level. Our Annual Conference is the industry’s premier event, bringing together strong peer networks, engaging speakers, and a well-rounded set of peer workshops that engage and inspire. That engagement and inspiration is what led us to consider the evolution of our organization and what it means for you.

While our community faces unprecedented enrollment declines, tough competition from new K-12 options, and an increasingly discerning customer base (as shared with you in our special reports The Ride to Independent Schools about parent views on the admission process and Sizing up the Competition about the new, emerging K-12 options), it's also facing a time of remarkable opportunity for growth and change. Now, more than ever, the professional lives of independent school admission officers are connected to their institutions' success. Read more about the ties between goal setting, professional salaries, and the meeting of those goals in our most recent State of the Independent School Admission Industry report. It's essential that you take the time to learn about all facets of enrollment management and the ways in which you can hone your talents and enrich your skills to fully embrace this model that has been at the forefront of higher education strategy for years.

You'll find programming at this Annual Conference to nourish your own professional curiosity, no matter where on the continuum you are. We hope that the opportunities we provide you at the conference (and beyond!) to connect and collaborate will result in learning and growth, both personally and professionally.






Heather Hoerle, Executive Director

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