Identifying Quality International Candidates Using the Chinese Market as an Example

Minmin Zeng, CEO, Sino Elite Education (China)
Sheldon Zhao, Associate Director, Sino Elite Education (China)

As the pool of international applicants declines in traditional markets and grows in other areas, schools are seeing a more diverse pool of applicants that from a wider range of countries. The methods that have conventionally be used to evaluate international candidates are quickly becoming outdated. As a result, you may be seeking a new way understand this new pool of international students, to increase diversity and construct a solid community.

After working with families from 12 countries and regions over the past nine years, Sino Elite Education would like to share what we have learned in our experience. Using the Chinese market as an example, we will share our insights into the current situation of international recruitment, what we have experienced when connecting international families to U.S. institutions, and provide advice on working with an increasingly diverse pool of applicants.

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Test Innovators’ SSAT Practice Platform

Ben Hoglund, Director of Sales, Test Innovators
Brenna O'Neill, Director of Education, Test Innovators

The best way students can prepare to take the SSAT is to learn more about the test and practice in those areas in which they need extra help. Learn how schools are helping their students put their best foot forward and demonstrate their knowledge on standardized tests.

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Understanding China: A Perspective from the East

Ruth Piao, President, Beijing Kentrexs (China)
Leo Marshall, Senior Advisor/Consultant, Beijing Kentrexs; Marshall Education Group LLC (FL)

While Chinese applications continue to outpace every other international demographic, IIE reports that trend is starting to soften. The smart admission office is aware of these trends and continues to seek qualified Chinese candidates. In doing so, however, how often does an admission office ask Chinese families what they are thinking, what are their motivations, and how they see an admission process that is often bewildering? Two principals from one of China’s oldest educational consulting groups will offer advice based on their year-to-year experience with Chinese parents, students, and the schools to which they are applying.

What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You: A China/U.S. Perspective

Nini Suet, Founder & CEO, Shang Learning Group (China)
Hamilton Gregg, Partner & Senior Admission Advisor, Shang Learning Group (China)
Lloyd Paradiso, Senior Admission Advisor

Chinese families focus primarily on standardized testing as key to admission, which means that Chinese students are often challenged by a lack of core skills necessary for a successful transition into western education settings. A new call for soft-skills development from Xi Jinping has created a slow yet fundamental shift in public and private Chinese education, evident through the surge of Chinese athletic and art academies and the rapid development of bilingual schools. A growing upper middle class that aspires to and demands only the very best education for their children is fueling further changes.

There are also new and evolving government regulation trends and the birth of a new category of Chinese “student” from a blended local and international private education sector. With an intimate knowledge of this market, we present a close insider look into these new trends in China and explore topics related but not limited to: the risks and opportunities when dealing with the Chinese market; the differences between a student from a public school and one from an international as well as bilingual school; the best, most effective ways to recruit and engage target Chinese families for admission and for development; and what to expect in the near future.

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