Each year, EMA creates a robust track for senior admission professionals. The track relies heavily on outside resource people and takes an interdisciplinary approach to identifying the knowledge and tools needed by today’s senior enrollment management professionals.

Business and Networking Etiquette

Crystal Bailey, Director, The Etiquette Institute of Washington

An experienced consultant and public speaker, Crystal is dedicated to helping business professionals polish their executive presence and networking savvy. Whether you are a young or a seasoned professional, there is always an opportunity to learn new skills or discover new tricks of the trade, from making that killer first impression to networking effectively to making a graceful exit. Take part in what is sure to be a fun and lively session.

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Heads Panel: The Future of Independent School Enrollment

Bud Patel, Head of School, Brentwood College School (BC)
Mark McKee, Head of School, Viewpoint School (CA)
Christina K. Mazzola, Head of School, Branson School (CA)

Join the discussion about the future of independent schools—from pedagogy to enrollment management strategy. Hear from heads with unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Honing our Value Proposition for a New Generation of Parents

Donna Orem, President, National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

What causes parents to make the choices they do for their children’s education? As an NAIS research study recently uncovered, those causes are as different as the parents and students themselves. Traditional survey research tends to identify the same broad wants and needs from parents—great teachers, small classes, and a high-quality curriculum. These findings are not incorrect, but, in today’s educational market parents want more. This study digs much deeper to identify the specific challenges parents are trying to address. This session will outline the research methodology and findings and suggest ways that schools can use the results to hone their value propositions.

The Power of Customer Experience Design: One School’s Journey to Full Enrollment

Greg Bamford, Associate Head of School for Strategy and Innovation, Charles Wright Academy (WA)

Like many small young schools, Watershed School in Colorado once struggled to achieve full enrollment, but over the last three years, they’ve grown by 82%. This journey to full enrollment wasn’t easy or pain free. A new head of school and his admission director had to hear tough feedback, learn about their market, and grow as marketers and leaders. Using a design thinking process, they generated new customer insights and began to understand which touchpoints were pulling families in -- or pushing them away. Greg will share concrete strategies and help you understand how design thinking can strengthen your approach to enrollment management.

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Women and Institutional Leadership

Marcia Spiller, Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Life, Woodward Academy (GA)
Claire Goldsmith, Executive Director, Malone Schools Online Network
Anne-Marie Kee, Head of School, Lakefield College School (ON)

While incredible professional women serve our institutions, a disproportionately small number serve in the highest leadership posts. We ask the question, "Why?" Join an open and candid conversation in which we examine perceived impediments toward advancement, strategies for growth, and empowerment of self and others.

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