What is the future of financial aid? Learn more about pricing strategy and financial sustainability in this series designed to dig deeper into issues surrounding access, affordability, and aid. Participate in a panel discussion designed to explore the impact of financial aid changes on your school's value proposition.

Around the Financial Aid Watercooler

Kristen Power, National Director of Business Development, The Enrollment Management Association
Christian Donovan, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Head-Royce School

Feel like you're in a starring role on "Let's Make A Deal"? Have 529 concerns? Notice an increase in appeals? Are high-income families applying for aid consistently? In this session, join your peers to discuss and share ideas on pressing topics on the minds of financial aid, admission, and business teams.

Enhancing Affordability and Access While Protecting Value and Quality: One School’s Comprehensive Approach to Addressing the Critical Objective of Financial Sustainability

Melissa Orth, President and CEO, The Legacy Senior Communities, Inc. (TX)
Sarah Markhovsky, Director of Admission, Greenhill School (TX)

Participants will learn from a successful comprehensive financial planning process conducted by Greenhill School. Five project teams, comprised of school professionals and Board members, conducted an extensive assessment of every potential source of incremental revenue and expense reduction and defined a pathway to continued educational and programmatic excellence, while moderating tuition increases by $1,200-$1,500 per student over the planning period. Presenters will share the results of this initiative and lessons learned along the way.

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Panel Discussion: The Future of Financial Aid

Featured Presentation

in partnership with the National Business Officers Association (NBOA)
Moderated by Mark Mitchell, Vice President, National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) (DC)

Moderator: Mark Mitchell, Vice President, National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) (DC)


Brian Beale, Director of Enrollment, Brimmer & May School (MA)
Jennifer Osland Hillen, Vice President, Professional Development and Business Affairs, NBOA
Dallas Joseph, VP of Finance and Operations, Baylor School (TN)
Kila McCann, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, Fountain Valley School of Colorado (CO)

With rising costs of tuition, changing demographics and competition for top students, anyone in admissions or financial aid will need to think strategically and have a leading voice within their institution when it comes to enrollment management. Join the conversation with a distinguished panel of financial aid thought leaders as they address the future of financial aid and the impacts it may have on independent schools and their value propositions.

Show Me the Money: The Art of Pricing in Admission and Financial Aid

Chad Tew, Founding Principal, Tew & Associates (CA)

The four key elements of marketing (product, price, promotion, and place) are the keys to attracting and retaining families at your school. Examine the role of pricing in admission and retention and ways various financial assistance strategies can positively affect access for families with modest incomes and affordability for families in the middle. Learn to look at pricing as more than sticker price minus tuition aid, and review a compressive cost of attendance model. Case studies and examples provide ideas for building strong, diverse enrollment based on core marketing principles.

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Targeting the Middle Class

Melanie Connors, Vice President of Admission, Pine Crest School (FL)
Steven Casey, Director of Financial Aid and Analytics, Pine Crest School (FL)

Socioeconomic diversity is key to healthy admission and enrollment, but the middle class is shrinking nationally. Schools must have a strategic plan to market to (and budget for) middle class families. Learn how to best identify, target, and package middle class families through a collaborative partnership between financial aid and admission that will ultimately build and sustain a healthy enrollment and financial future. Get examples of effective specific strategies and a sample strategic plan.

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