Diversity and inclusion are sought-after ideals in independent schools, but how do we actually implement the policies and processes that get us there? Learn more about creating an inclusive environment, building a truly diverse community, and holistically providing assistance to those in need.

How To Create An Incoming Class

Sam Washington, Associate Dean of Admissions, Lawrenceville School (NJ)

With shifting U.S. demographics and demands from various constituencies (athletics, legacy, diversity, full pay, financial aid), building an incoming class that addresses all of an institution’s needs has never been more complex. Discover tips and strategies for building a talent pool from which the varied and competing interests of a school can be adequately met.

Improving Socioeconomic Diversity

Shaun Turner, Director of Admissions, Milton Hershey School (PA)

Independent schools are known as institutions that value diversity, seeking representation and engagement from their local communities. At the same time, many struggle to successfully recruit and retain students from a diversity of backgrounds, especially those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Learn how to better understand the challenges faced by underprivileged families and the obstacles preventing them from considering an independent school. Identify values-based recruitment strategies that resonate with low income families and explore the creation of mutually beneficial relationships between independent schools, local public schools, and nonprofits that work with this underserved market.

Inclusivity & Enrollment Management: What 3 White Women Have Learned

Zoe Edelen Hare, Assistant Director of Admission, Catlin Gabel School (OR)
Sara Nordhoff, Director of Enrollment Management, Catlin Gabel School (OR)
Mary Braun, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Catlin Gabel School (OR)

How can enrollment management practices help create an inclusive campus, beginning with every person who walks through the door? The intersection of enrollment management and inclusivity is an important one that needs to weave its way through all of our interactions with families, from new prospects to alums. Providing prospective families with access to information, opportunities to share who they are, and implementing language that reflects their unique identities are some of the first steps. This may seem like a huge endeavor, but small tweaks can be made -- even this fall! Learn how to help applicant families feel included from the moment they enter campus to their potential enrollment and matching with a host family. Learn about the changes Catlin Gabel School has made in the past few years as well as those being considered for the future. Join in the discussion and learn from your peers.

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