While admission committees have long used anecdotal evidence and a close reading of recommendations and interviews to determine a student's character development, there are new ways to structure your process to ensure you are receiving better, more complete views of prospective students. Explore the tools and skills that can help you get there.

Beyond Grades: Evaluating the Whole Applicant

Nathan Kuncel, Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor, University of Minnesota (MN)

We've always used grades as reliable predictors of student ability and promise, but their dimensional range can be limited. Hear how new validation results from eight independent schools demonstrate that The Character Skills Snapshot accurately predicts multiple dimensions of student success. Learn how utilizing a complete admission system (including The Snapshot, letters of recommendation, and interviews) enhances your decision making, improves the student's educational experience, and makes the value case for independent schools.

Perfect Placement: The Snapshot in Admission

Kate Auger-Campbell, Director of Product Strategy, The Enrollment Management Association
Christina Dotchin, Director of Business Development, The Enrollment Management Association

Enhance your students' applications with a valid measure of their character skills development. The Character Skills Snapshot completed its inaugural year and results were impressive. Placement professionals who have questions about The Snapshot or simply want to learn more about this new tool and its first-year validity analysis will find answers and information in this comprehensive session. What happens if results don't match what you see in a child? What if parents disagree? Does a student's self-esteem affect the results? How are admission offices using The Snapshot? Get answers to these questions and more.

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Plus One: Adding Character Assessment to Admission

Booth D. Kyle, Associate Head of School & Admissions and Financial Aid Director, Lakeside School (WA)

Learn about Lakeside School’s journey with the Character Skills Snapshot in its inaugural year, from the debate surrounding requiring it for admission to its value in the process. Discover how the Seattle-based school used The Snapshot to supplement their interview and reading processes, added score reports into their proprietary database, and is now implementing it as a baseline measure of self-awareness for incoming middle schoolers. Hear about The Snapshot's alignment with Lakeside's academic initiatives and how the first validity study will impact the committee process moving forward.

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The Character Skills Snapshot, Year One: What Have We Accomplished and Where Are We Going?

Meghan Brenneman, Director of Character Assessment Programs, The Enrollment Management Association
Ella Browning, Director of Admissions, Mid-Pacific Institute (HI)
Hoku Chong, Associate Director of Admissions, Mid-Pacific Institute (HI)
Nathan Kuncel, Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor, University of Minnesota (MN)
Kevin Petway, Senior Research Scientist, The Enrollment Management Association

Join us for an information-and data-packed exploration of The Character Skills Snapshot, one year later. This two-hour symposium will feature four individual but interconnected presentations that each highlight a unique aspect of The Character Skills Snapshot during its first operational year.
  • First, Dr. Nathan Kuncel will provide a brief review of the importance of character skills in the K-16 admission context.
  • Second, Dr. Meghan Brenneman will provide a year in review of The Snapshot. Sample characteristics will be shared, as well as an overview of score distribution.
  • Third, Dr. Kevin Petway will review findings from the preliminary validity study and introduce plans for continuing validity work.
  • Fourth, Mrs. Ella Browning and Mrs. Hoku Chong will share their experiences using The Snapshot in their admission process. They will describe why they decided to require The Snapshot and the questions/concerns administration, faculty, and families shared. They will also highlight the connections between The Character Skills Snapshot and the Mid-Pacific Learner Profile.
Dr. Brenneman will conclude the presentations with future directors in EMA’s Character Assessment Programs. Ample time will be reserved for questions.

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Upgrading Your Interviews: The Art and Science of Structured Interviews

Nathan Kuncel, Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor, University of Minnesota (MN)
Booth Kyle, Associate Head of School and Admissions & Financial Aid Director, Lakeside School (WA)

Traditional student interviews play a central role in admission, addressing multiple goals including creating a welcoming and exciting experience for prospective students. Unfortunately, a century of research indicates that they don’t give us as much information as we would like and are prone to numerous biases. New interview design, process, and rating methods increase interview validity and reduce bias. Learn how to merge the science and practice of implementing structured interviews.