The Character Skills Snapshot, Year One: What Have We Accomplished and Where Are We Going? (Character Track)

Meghan Brenneman, Director of Character Assessment Programs, The Enrollment Management Association
Ella Browning, Director of Admissions, Mid-Pacific Institute (HI)
Hoku Chong, Associate Director of Admissions, Mid-Pacific Institute (HI)
Nathan Kuncel, Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota
Kevin Petway, Senior Research Scientist, The Enrollment Management Association

Join us for an information- and data-packed exploration of The Character Skills Snapshot, one year later. This two-hour symposium will feature four individual but interconnected presentations that each highlight a unique aspect of The Character Skills Snapshot during its first operational year.

  • First, Dr. Nathan Kuncel will provide a brief review of the importance of character skills in the K-16 admission context.
  • Second, Dr. Meghan Brenneman will provide a year in review of The Snapshot. Sample characteristics will be shared, as well as an overview of score distribution.
  • Third, Dr. Kevin Petway will review findings from the preliminary validity study and introduce plans for continuing validity work.
  • Fourth, Mrs. Ella Browning and Mrs. Hoku Chong will share their experiences using The Snapshot in their admission process. They will describe why they decided to require The Snapshot and the questions/concerns administration, faculty, and families shared. They will also highlight the connections between The Character Skills Snapshot and the Mid-Pacific Learner Profile.

Dr. Brenneman will conclude the presentations with future directors in EMA’s Character Assessment Programs. Ample time will be reserved for questions.

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