Dana Campbell

Dana Campbell, CEO, Optimize Corps

Shine Under Stress: Powerful Tools for Rebalancing and Rebooting When the Pressure is On

For most professionals, work has become a chronic source of our stress. As the pace of change and pressure to succeed continues to intensify, it might feel all but impossible to remain resilient. Yet often, a few intentional shifts will go a long way to helping rebalance and reboot our resilience and enable us to shine under stress. As an executive coach who’s helped hundreds of professionals overcome burnout and reduce chronic stress, Dana will share the core go-to tools every professional needs to thrive in the face of stress.

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About Dana Campbell

Dana Campbell is the CEO of Optimize Corps, a people strategy consultancy which takes a holistic approach to sustainable people development and culture change. She brings more than 15 years in management consulting, where she guided organizations through seismic shifts in process, technology, and culture. Dana is recognized for her unique ability to win over the hearts and minds of stakeholders at all levels and to cultivate conscious leaders who drive sustainable change. She is committed to building resilient organizations that are primed to transcend rapid changes and pressures of the market place.