Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten, Disruptive and UN-traditional Sales, Marketing, Branding & Relationship Expert

Generation Everyone: How to Connect with All Generations in the Work/Marketplace and Lead Without Labels

Millennials, am I right?!? It seems that this generation is the hardest to understand and work with. But is it really true, or are we doing what we’ve always done with the younger generation?

In this dynamic keynote, Scott Stratten, bestselling author of Unbranding, Unmarketing, and Unselling, will help us learn why we view millennials the way we do, and how to shift it; how to lead this generation and others in the work and marketplace; and how to harness the strengths of all generations. 

About Scott Stratten

As the ultimate sales and marketing truth slayer, Scott helps organizations see their business through a new lens with his unconventional “unmarketing” views and vanguard approach to building and maintaining real customer relationships.

As the president of Un-Marketing, he has transformed how corporations like PepsiCo, Century 21, Fidelity, and Microsoft do business, with radical insights on how to engage better with customers through social and viral marketing. Named a top five social media power influencer by, Scott elevates the conversation by putting the focus back on what matters most to current and potential buyers: values like trust, authenticity, relationships, and service.

Drawing from his experience as a marketing industry innovator and author of four bestselling business books, he convinces audiences to look at the big picture, which is about creating loyal, repeat customers who become brand evangelists because they genuinely love the goods or services you provide. With humor, passion, and candor, Scott blends real-world strategies with memorable stories that will completely change the way you market and sell -- for the better.