Americus ReedAmericus Reed, II, Professor of Marketing, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania & Co-Founder, Persona Partners LLC

Identity Loyalty: The Key to Unlocking Your Brand

A brand is a meanings system that can deeply connect to someone based on who they believe they are or want to be.  When brands connect with people in this way, it can create a curious situation where the person and the brand become one. That is, the person internalizes the brand as part of who they are. Identity loyalty is the result of this.  Imagine transforming the way you think about your activities as an admission professional --from busy administrator to your institution's strategic brand visionary.

About Americus Reed

Americus Reed, II is the Whitney M. Young Jr., Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where he has served on faculty since 2000. An avid fitness enthusiast, part time drummer and tireless educator, Americus’ primary research and consulting areas are in brand equity and identity loyalty – the study of creating and fostering “brand communities” that transcend the utilitarian aspects of products to actualize iconic levels of symbolic identity and self-expression, connect to deep levels of emotional and social affiliation, and cultivate lifelong relationships with consumers. In 2005, his academic work in this area received honorable mention for the prestigious Robert Ferber Award for academic impact in the Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) and in 2009 he received JCR’s Best Paper Award. Americus has authored more than 45 articles, book chapters and cases on the topic. He teaches customer analysis, branding and consumer psychology to undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and executive students.