Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart, Digital Media Strategist & Engagement Expert

Get Trending: Building Campus Engagement with Digital Media

Casie is an award winning lifestyle blogger and social entrepreneur. In this presentation, Casie touches on current trends, apps, and how to stay innovative in a constantly changing digital landscape. She shares tips and tricks that have worked/not-worked over her career as a pioneer in social, while emphasizing the importance of using digital media to connect and engage with students. Casie also speaks to using business creativity to build a community no matter what your budget. She is sure to leave you feeling inspired and equipped with practical takeaways to apply to your work on campus.

About Casie Stewart

Casie has made a name her herself as a leader and innovator in the digital space, capturing the attention of The Wall Street Journal, Marketing Magazine, and BNN. She brings an exuberant, contagious and positive energy to the world through her work both online and off. She’s worked as an influencer, spokesperson and consultant for some of the world’s leading brands including Canon, Converse, Puma, Pepsi, Ted Baker, Virgin America and more.

Documenting her life since 2005 via her blog ‘This is my Life,’ Casie’s been at the forefront of lifestyle blogging. Its growth in popularity has inspired brands to connect and partner with her to offer new creative content for their audiences. Casie’s crafted a highly respected and authentic online voice alongside her personal brand.

In 2009, Casie helped found GenY-TO, a group for creative and ambitious young people in the Toronto startup, marketing, PR and tech community. The group has helped foster collaboration within communities around the world, spread the values of GenY to young professionals everywhere, exact positive changes in communities and change preconceived notions about GenY.